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We all need good company! Mau( our Turkish cat) and me today morning.

We all need good company!

Mau (Our pet Turkish white cat) had been looking for closeness. Having misread her need from fresh drinking water, adding food to her bowl, checking her toilet box and still her meows as she sat in front of a closed door waiting for it to open. I was busy with some mails and after a few mins it came to my mind that she perhaps needed to sit close and be touched.

Indeed, when I called her over she readily left the closed door and came over. I left my chair to sit on the bed. A few taps on the edge of the bed to indicate she can come up made her eagerly accept my invitation.She came and sat beside me rubbing her 8 years old white furry body against my knee and letting me gently rub her forehead and massage her neck and share my morning thoughts with her. Soon her purring started. A deep soft rumbling of thanks. She settled down for some precious minutes and then with a soft meow gently took off to her favourite sofa.

In tough times let little things touch your heart and be grateful for simple joys as you go about with your life. ✍️

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