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Life cannot be dictated to. We all have to face it and move on with living and what it deals us with.

Even when helping close relatives or dear ones the limitations and constraints may keep exacting an unexpected emotional toll.

Every person will have his own devious to make.

To keep going in face of feeling trapped in a ongoing toxic family or work atmosphere one should consciously take doable remedial actions.Unnecessary emotional suffering of a unending repetitive nature due to personality and attitudes of others is a heavy burden to be taken indefinitely.

Move away.

Take your ME TIME.

A long drive or ride.

Watch the world go by. Focus on the vehicles, people, shops, vendors, the buildings, the trees and anything interesting.

The real life distractions will make you feel partially unburdened.The painful thoughts and feelings recede.

Contact healthy friends and other family members. The smartphone is there.

You may just talk ,meet and spend some good quality time with them.This takes away the sting from nasty people.

You have given yourself an exit to buy time and put things in perspective by moving away.

Now, look ahead. How are you going to face the demons.

Take a stand.Communicate your feelings and point of views. Draw a line that you want to be respected. Give a chance.

Exceptions being looking after elderly frail medically sick relatives with behaviour issues and dementia or mental illnesses. Health services may not be readily available or not feasible on financial grounds.

If these are not the issues consider moving out or leaving your job for another one.

That may sound tough but it would open up newer opportunities.

The best part is that you refused to be part of a no win toxic environment.

Time to move on.

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