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Need of the times for the needy.

The world keeps moving on. Well,Covid and it’s waves have changed the way we were carrying on in profound and unexpected ways. But move we must in self preservation and of our fellow beings.

Keeping safe and others safe too.

Sharing our experiences,expertise, resources and time in helping the needy.

Patients with existing chronic diseases and newly diagnosed medical and psychological issues are indeed in a difficult and at times helpless,unable to visit their care providers or ask for home visits due to the all pervasive real concern, fear and anxiety of contacting the disease and exposing their family to the risk too. A very tough spot to be in, needing help but painfully and consciously avoiding it.

A silver lining with necessities invariably comes up. It is our human nature to solve issues.How this wonderful endowment from our Creator sees us sail through the toughest turmoils mankind has faced from famines to plagues, wars and financial crises.

Social media and use of smart phones has brought key needs met at our doorstep. What a boon!

The same has grown into providing medical consultations to the quarantined and locked down sick at home patients.

This familiar electronic interface serves as a very useful and at times life saving tool. It can be a pleasant and emotionally near experience in an instant. Anxious long travels are avoided as well as crowded and sad waiting rooms and the pervasive awaiting virus.

So, do not hesitate or delay to go for much needed expert help which is easily available, time saving and beneficial till the regular facilities open up.

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