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Sunday reflections

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Mirroring values.

What goes behind routine and selective forwards of social media information as well as our inbuilt reactions?

How considerate are we in calmly willing to respect or consider opinions not necessarily matching our own?

Are we not unique in our own ways? Are we not interdependent?

If yes? Please read on.

Dominant ideologies are inherently arrogant, self righteous to a fault, their way or no way and they thrive by divisive propaganda, money powers, political ostracism of their opponents by extensive repetitive false narratives arousing deep seated past perceived and highly magnified events of the past to arouse their supporters for seeking revenge and assuring administrative,financial and legal support to spur on with mob violence and targeted destruction of their opponents

They want their thoughts, actions, desires to have 100 percent following and the frequent use of labelling any contrary viewpoint as sedition, anti- nationalism,foreign with solutions of deportations, incarcerations, depriving identity and so on.

When the blind law stops hearing by its conscience and sentences 80 years old to imprisonment and the administration hounds respectable doctors for pointing out deficiencies in procurement the might of vengeance of the state is brutally unleashed. When journalists suffering medical complications are chained to their beds what little fig leaf offers is stripped off the piously clothed images.

Next time we come across a message let us pause before forwarding.

Is it discriminatory ?

Are we judging others by our prejudiced mind sets ?

Don’t we need course correction?

Will it help humanity?

Will this wrong correct a past wrong?

Think of generation next.

Whose mirror am I showing to my recipients?

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