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Suicidal thoughts?

Healing a suicidal mind by the person who has suicidal preoccupations seems a tough job under ordinary circumstances for the vast majority of us.

It needs a lot of courage to face one’s downward slide.We all owe it to our selves and to our loved ones.

Draw upon your inner strength to address it.

Seek family , friends support and if that does not help, seek professional help.

Current available Help Hotlines, Hospital Emergency Services, various psychotherapies and medications offer a lot of help to mitigate the intensity of the symptoms.

They along with support systems promote both healing and restoration of self confidence to overcome the challenges and difficulties which otherwise seem daunting , disabling and depleting the body and mind of their intrinsic strengths and capabilities.

Life and relationships are too precious to sign off in a state of being overwhelmed by events not of your making.


Explore alternatives to your thinking.

Take corrective course decisions. We all are prone to fail, misjudge our strengths , suffer losses in relations, finances, opportunities and so on.

Do not delve in the ever shrinking comfort zone by withdrawing into your shell.That will foster more loneliness, overthinking, negative thoughts and poor self esteem and add to the gloominess of depression.

Use the safety net.


Do not be alone.

Reach out for support. People are usually willing to go the extra mile to help reduce pain and suffering.

Unburden your thoughts in a non judgmental

trustworthy environment. That could give a big relief.

Explore other solutions to suicide. If it has been running or racing in your mind it has to be put back out of your options.

The earlier the better.

Thanks for reading.


When someone known to you is in distress, do reach out🤗 It may save his life. 🙏

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