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In extremely tough times,like the present pandemic , negativity, anxieties and hopelessness find realistic grounds to grow and overwhelm our coping abilities.

The boundaries between unending concerns of day to day living,safety,earning a livelihood, versus the grim reality around amplified by social media,chat groups,fake news uncertainties of very costly treatments are difficult to maintain

Yes,the choices are available to steer us through to better times.Even bad times are not forever.

Be positive.

Keep safe Help others.That releases feel good chemicals in the brain.

Be in close contact with family and friends. They matter. Avoid toxic ones or those who love their own monopolies.

Keep busy. Life is learning and moving on.

Take care of your health. No one else can do it for you.

Eat properly,sleep well and do exercise.Have regular times for them.

A routine is more productive.

Even a 15-20 minutes simple walk in a quiet place is healing.

Pick up a hobby, reading and writing.

Avoid making the smart phone your constant companion.It is useful but not your master.

Vaccines and better awareness are bearing good results.✅

Do get vaccinated and encourage others too 🙏

For more information on mental illnesses:

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