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Psychological survival kits for storms of anxieties and depression.

For normal people and those already anxious or depressed or highly stressed.

Unpredictability is an essential part of living. Our internal hard wirings, life’s experiences, toxic relationships, maladaptive behaviours, availability or lack of support systems interact to bring up distressing consequences at times.Sometimes with sad consequences.

A short collection of curated references which can be useful to ride the storms of life is presented.



Reach Out and seek professional help when you feel over whelmed and helpless. Emergency Services,Helplines, Family and Friends.

Do not be alone. Hope and Help is always there. Never give up on yourself.

Simple and easy to follow references right away!

More detailed references:

For the spiritually blessed.

Please refer to your sacred texts.Be blessed and happily healthy.

Thank you !

Dr Shabih Ahmed Siddiqui

MD Psych.

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