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Post lockdown

A very common scene from across the globe is the huge return back to normalcy on behalf of the common man.Almost with a vengeance.

Only what remains in the control of governments is mass transport like airlines, railway trains, attendance in Govt. workplaces. Private vehicles clog the streets.Both adults and children in mega cities hang out in close knit groups.The roadside eateries are back to business as usual.One can only feel uneasy and alien maintaining social distance and wearing a mask as people jostle for space to order snacks abd tea at the stalls.For every one person wearing a mask properly there are at least ten with no masks and another ten with noses and mouths uncovered their mask decorating their necks. The peak in many countries keeps on rising. No wonder.Economies have been shattered. Human beings have perhaps never suffered anxiety and depression universally vat this scale. We all look ahead for a revival, but not at a pace that allows the virus all the opportunities to spread almost unhindered. That is not a good sign.

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