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Possibility for a better society.

Time to move on.

A better time dawns for everything on planet earth.

As the scourge of COVID-19 slowly fades let’s move in with our lives with all our humane attributes.There must be genuine restructuring of all faulty notions. Let us share with the huge masses who have lost heavily. A good many models are evolving of goal directed help from providing meals to educational support.

Losses of relatives are irreplaceable.Time heals. Poverty,education,health services need urgent attention and long term continuing support.

The administrators have a lot of work cut out to accomplish.Real,responsible people must be allowed to lead and we should leave behind us the toxicities of our past as well as legacies that impede our progress as human beings.

Time for a fair, just and dignified society to evolve.

Let’s all contribute from our individual resources in fields we can make a difference.

Let hope,love,and goodwill prevail and succeed.

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