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Our social turmoil

Man is a social being. Covid-19 viruses seem to relish and capitalise on this link to self propagate, mutate and create tsunamis across the globe riding on our diehard social instincts. Our second wave riding on top of at least four mutants and unstoppable election rallies, protest rallies crowded malls and market places, public transport and religious gatherings not to mention the joyous wedding receptions.

It’s time to go back to self isolation. Time for some prizes to be given away as long as people are around. The first prize goes to a recent promotional ad featuring doctors endorsing the safety of corona precautions at an Aligarh festival for shopping!

The second runner up to the godly powers of AI in a huge religious gathering to keep at bay COVID - 19 who are jostling with no holds barred.The third price to our administrators may their tribe introspect keeping politics aside for the sake of the country.Anyway the first two are cyclic events. The last variety is till doomsday. It’s time to go back to self isolation and be asocial for self preservation or for our loved ones at least.

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