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Is obesity a choice?

Do the stigma of being labelled obese and lack of available healthy food and lifestyle contribute their share along with genetics, psychological and social factors?

Assuredly NO is the correct answer for the first question. Certainly YES for the second one.

It’s complex to unravel individual factors.A lot of research is ongoing to identify and offer proper advice and treatment strategies to face this rising worldwide health issue.

Let’s label the person not as obese but a person having obesity or problem with increased weight.

Preventive steps :

Early recognition, health education ,healthy food, exercise, job and shelter security, access to regular State sponsored health check ups, public awareness programmes.

Avoid easily available cheap fried junk food , high calories power drinks, packaged juices, pastries and snacks rich in sugar, hydrogenated fats etc


Seek help and proper guidance to avoid or minimise risk of severe obesity related medical conditions like diabetes,hypertension,cardiovascular and psychiatric conditions like depression, dysmorphic body disorder.


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