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It’s so gratifying!

A big part of a healthy doctor patient relationship is measured by small steps taken by the patient and his family positively and persevered upon.

A person with symptoms of anxiety and depression with lockdown woes had put on weight.He was motivated and counselled about the necessity of lifestyle changes. The very next day he was reminded of the same by his family members. He took the first difficult step and stepped outdoors.The fresh morning air and seeing some others walking was a good eye opener. A few socially distanced greetings and hand waves set in motion a regular walking schedule He proudly reported that he was now taking healthier meals, sleeping in time and he had happily lost 4 kgs in 15 days. The only day he missed was when it rained continuously and the roads were flooded.He felt he missed his outing and would make up for it the next day.

Motivation, perseverance and a supportive family goes a long way in making healthy changes and reaping their benefits.

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