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Is medication enough?

Is medication enough for drug/substance abuse disorder treatment ?

Most certainly not!

So what can be done?

A complete rehabilitation program.

That will include:

First Contact support in Hospital ER services where the patients usually land up with acute intoxications and withdrawal symptoms.

They are more receptive and likely to attend follow up after they are counselled following recovery from acute emergency care

The desire of the patient and willingness to enter into a program with full family support.

  • Admission to a drug de-addiction centre to avoid access to drugs.

  • Management of withdrawal symptoms.

  • Total avoidance of drug friends , sources and contacts.

  • Treatment of underlying psychological disorders and physical symptoms.

  • Counselling, Group Therapy, CBT.

  • School, college, job rehabilitation or useful skills training.

  • Lifestyle changes including exercise, healthy food,proper sleep.

  • Regular follow up and access to Emergency Services in case of need.

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