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Home sweet home

Familiar things

The first thing that struck me on reaching home was the familiarity of everything around in the house and behind the doors,the sofas, the bedrooms the clothes in the wardrobe, the kitchen and the first cup of tea to be made, the storage room wherein the baggage will rest after things are sorted out.

Then the need for a first minimal cleaning till the housemaid arrives tomorrow

Home sweet home.

Each and everything in one place. Literally life’s museum.Things and memories come alive.

The struggles, toils , joys, dreams, planning ahead.

Time. Children growing up. Parents growing old.Both leaving on their paths.

Age always advances.

Returning back from a journey that was planned for two weeks, extended by COVID-19 to and events to nearly ten months

The traveller is back. Another journey in less than ten days that COVID-19 had delayed is awaiting.

Life goes on.

Praise be to God.

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