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Another September 10 approaching

A very sad end to howsoever difficult times one goes through when suicide is successful.

Imagine how rare would be a person who has really no one to miss him! So, the vast majority leave behind real people who feel the pain and the hurt and have to live with the loss which abruptly took place.

There is no real prevention which is universally available No magic pill indeed. The multitude of individual variables,the expectations from life and the inner coping strengths or weaknesses, as well as external support systems or the lack of them, values instilled to succeed at all cost,dealing with major loses like job, death of a close one, traumatic experiences,financial loss, divorce, failures in exams, etc.

Add to it mental illness and terminal cancers.

What overwhelms one may be brushed off as inconsequential by another. The availability of help in some form or other is always there. One has to seek. Communicate. This brings to mind the woman from India informing the British PM’s office of her intention to commit suicide, setting in motion a successful attempt by those concerned to reach out and save her. Can we burden our ill prepared administrators with the responsibility of reaching out to those in utmost need?

Why not? The available mass internet connectivity should be utilised to reach out 24/7 by dedicated trained staff connected by respected reliable trusted sites like TATA’s, WIPRO.SNDT,DU,BHU,AMU,CMC etc.

Prevention, Education,Supportive Care and prompt availability of assured help can make a significant difference and save precious lives. I have purposely avoided giving catchy numbers as those will be filling the news in the coming days. Every suicidal person deserves to be helped.

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